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Goods and Services Tax Application

Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) refers to the tax levied onto the sales of almost every goods and services in Singapore. In short, business in Singapore with annual revenue turnover exceeding $1 million is required to register and submit 7% GST returns every year.

Consider your company ready to register for GST by fulfilling the basic requirements below:
•    The business has to be a ACRA-registered business
•    The company/business already has a Business Bank Account
•    Business activities can clearly defined along with the expected revenue for the next 12 months
•    Some documents may be required, depending whether the business has started making sales
•    Companies with compulsory registration requires an annual revenue with at least $1 million.

Once the application for GST is approved, companies are to collect and file a GST F5 tax return to IRAS monthly or quarterly. Companies must make payment to IRAS within that month after filing the F5 return. Both input and output tax are to be reported upon filing.

GST Registration Service Provided by J&E Corporate Services
•    Compilation and review of documents collected for registration.
•    Filling up of registration form and submit to owner/management for Signing (Contact us)
•    Submission of form and related documents
•    Follow-up on the approval of GST Registration

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