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Year End Tax 

Financial Report

JE Year End Tax Package

JE Year End Tax packages will include ECI, AGM, Annual ACRA Filing and Tax Filing. To complete corporate tax returns, a company must submit two filings with IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore):

  1. Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI): ECI is a company’s taxable income after deducting tax-allowable expenses.

  2. Annual General Meeting (AGM): AGM is a mandatory yearly gathering of a company's director present the company's performance to shareholders.

  3. Annual Acra Filing: is not a financial report, it's a record of publicly the information appear on Acra Bizfile.

  4. Form C or Form C-S: In both Form C or Form C-S a company declares its actual income for the tax year. A Form C filing requires companies to attach tax computations, financial statements, detailed profit & loss statement, and other supporting documents. Conversely, form C-S is a simplified filing that does not require additional documents.


Due dates for Agm, Annual Filing and Tax return filing

  1. Agm and Annual Filing Due within 6 months of the company’s financial year-end.

  2. Form C or form C-S: Due by next year December 15 for electronic filing.

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